I now have a sony dsc_h2 and I love it.

In feb with my income tax i was thinking about getting a Sony DSLR-A100 K (alpha)
This will be a big step up for me
And i am confused and have a few questions

please dont kill me as these are some things i just do not know

1 where is the zoon and focus button like we have on the h2?

2 what do the lens names mean?

af dt etc??

you might ask what will I use the camera for?

I shoot up close photos of lures for my fishing site

I have kids in sports and would like the ablility to take nice zoommed in shots of them in ACTION on the baseball , football, and soccer fields.

how many pics will the Sony DSLR-A100 K (alpha) take per second for action shots?
I also want to take outdoor photos close and distant.

also I take family photos
so a wide angle lens might be needed as well?

sorry for the questions but this will be a step up for me from the H2 and I dont want to buy stuff i will never use but will spend the extra for stuff i will use
thanks in advance