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    Kenji Chihaya Guest

    Wider Lenses or No Focal Lenght adjustment, Which one is better?

    Hi all,

    It is my very first post in this forum, and first I would like to say I have been reading the threads here and found many helpfull info. Thanks to all you guys.

    I started taking pictures using a nikon fm10, and then upgraded to a auto focus model (f80). When they released the D100 I bought one and kept using my set of lenses (a 50mm f1,4 and a 35-105mm 3,5-4,4).

    I use to shoot a lot indoors, under poor light conditions and very narrow spaces, where I need a fast wide angle lens. Most places I shoot, such as temples and museums don't allow me to use flash and some don't allow me to bring a tripod in. I also shoot lots of architecture stuff, so I really need to have wide angles.

    Hence, since I started using D100 the Focal lenght adjustment has been a major problem for me, as the lenses I used before became useless for what I am shooting.

    There I thought of moving to Canon EOS 5D, in order to get rid of Focal lenght adjustment, and be able to get the wide angles I want. I have read lots of reviews saying that canon performs better than nikon (has less noise at high Sensibility values, sharper images and so on), so I have to confess I am really tempted to move to canon system.

    Still, I also thought that buying Nikon super wide lenses, lets say, 14mm or 16mm would give me the wide angles I need. Especially because I want light stuff, and from what I have seem on catalogues and web pages, nikon lenses are lighter and smaller.

    What I want ask you guys is whether I should buy these lenses or should I move to canon and sell my nikon stuff in order to buy canon lenses.

    My budget is 400,000 yen (about 3,800 bucks, I guess), and I think I can sell my current equipment for another 150,000 yen.

    I want to have at least a 50mm and a 24mm set. In the case of nikon I would have a 35mm (or maybe a 28mm) and a 16mm, in order to have the equivalent after the 1,5 focal lenght modifier applies. That means I have to buy an entire new set of lenses for nikon, and some of the more expensive ones (the wider).

    I am very concerned with image quality and I wanna make big prints of my pictures.

    Could some one please help me to decide wheter I buy wider lenses of move to Canon EOS 5D?

    Sorry if there are some English mistakes in my text.

    With regards.

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    Oct 2006
    I think no one is replying because we all wish we could have such a dilemma.

    It sounds to me like you really want to get the fancier and more-expensive full-frame-sensor camera, and want help talking yourself into it. So, I say, hey, go for it.

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