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    Low price online photo development

    Any experiences with really good deals in online photo development? In the UK or USA?

    Saw a place that offers .15 cents a photo 4x6 with fairly inexpensive shipping ...as low as .11 cents if you preorder... they ship internationally.

    Whats your 2 cents?

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    Well...there's good, and then there's cheap. Especially when it comes to online developing. I shoot a lot of people photography, and I find that shutterfly is the best for reproducing skin tones. Their printing does tend to warm the photo up a bit, but it might be because they use Fuji paper. Ofoto is good, but sometimes I get bad results from them. Sony imagestation offered me free prints (I think all of the sites do, so it is best to upload the same photo(s) to the different places and have them printed and choose for yourself) and they were god aweful! I have printed 20x30 prints from Shutterfly and the results are excellent. I honestly don't do much printing on my inkjet, and most of the photos that I need to have printed go to Shutterfly. I have ordered literally thousands of pictures, and there was only one photo that I had to send back to them for reprinting, and that photo was a tricky studio shot where I used a warming filter.

    I guess if you just want to proof your pics you could go to one of those cheap online places (but isn't that what photo viewing software is for???). So if you are printing to get a good print stick with a good company. You get what you pay for!

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    I have just purchased a DMC FZ20. I take mostly scenery shots and plan to have some of the pics enlarged to 20X30. Do the 20X30 prints really look pretty sharp. I am sort of concerned because it is a 5 meg. camera. Maybe I should buy a 7 meg.


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    There is at least 1 program that allows you to increase print size by 600% without any loss in quality. It is called
    Genuine Fractals

    one of these days I'll understand!

    Panasonic FZ20 & FZ30,FZ18
    D50 -- D80

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    UK developing

    In the UK, I tried Boots, Jessops, Bonusprint.com & one or two specialists.
    I found Boots were rubbish - the staff knew nothing, the pictures were highly variable. Jessops - staff knew lots, but queues were rediculous, as you have to Q & then operate the PC to select, enlarge, crop. Lunchtime behind someone reviewing their 2 weeks in Spain... I think not.
    Bonus print were pretty good. I pay 19p for 5x7, the turnaround is a day or two, and its all online, so with broadband its select, Q, pay!
    However if I want anything special, if its to be framed etc, I find its better to go in person to a small on site chemist/lab. I can then talk them through colour, cropping etc, and get what I want. For the handful of photos that I want this special treatment for, its worth paying 1.50 a photo.

    Given you may take different pictures - ie more with flash, or portraits etc, the best recommendation is to select 5 photos that sum up what you shoot, and get them printed at a handful of places - then compare.


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