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    rawpaw18 - it looks like shes teleporting the ball or something, thats trippy lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by LBGChris View Post
    A few shots from my first infrared adventure....

    Realized I overexposed a tad. Plus not enough green stuff out here to make it look as cool! haha.
    Really good shots. Where were they taken...looks like an old western!

    Also, what infra red camera you using?
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    Something to feast your eyes on...

    Just make sure you don't piss off the local connoisseur by ignoring the warning signs!

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    nice cyberwlf, my favorite seafood specimen! i really like the last one..
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    Thanks xailo and herc!

    I'm just using my d40 with a hoya r72 ir filter. It's nothing special!

    Cool shrimp pictures!! haha. Can't say I've ever seen anything like it on this site!
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    Taken today out on the farm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rawpaw18 View Post
    Trying to freeze action in a dimly lit gym is not for
    the financially challenged

    1/20, 130mm, f/7.1, ISO 1100(auto), cw
    theres somethign very attractive about this shot. i like it.

    Quote Originally Posted by N.C.F. View Post
    Taken today out on the farm.
    love the contrast and colour in this. awesome.
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    Quote Originally Posted by N.C.F. View Post
    Taken today out on the farm.
    sure is peacefull ...
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    another PP of HDR taken by the beach.

    click here for a bigger image.
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    N.C.F......Beautiful shot!!!!

    achuang....nice eagle shot....how close were you??

    n9nf....Lovely shot...though I feel I wider shot would do more justice to the scenery...
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