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    Quote Originally Posted by Dread Pirate Roberts View Post
    Thanks K1W1 but I still get the same thing. This comes up when I right click Rooz' wasps.

    I've got 13,000 jpeg and mostly raw shots (in under 12 months) stored as duplicates across 3 drives and umpteen DVD disks on and off site. I don't think my data allowance could cope with putting them up to the ether also without making unacceptable cuts in my downloading. Yeah I know it's a stupid number of shots but I tend to spray and pray unfortunately.

    Oh and do I need to run "adaware" now I've installed your link.
    on the far right click the button that says "display exif"
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    DPR if you have installed the viewer correctly it should simply be an extension in Firefox.
    You should have "Exif Viewer" at the bottom of the Tools menu and when you right click on any jpeg image displayed in Firefox you should have an option "View Exif Data" in the menu that appears. Select that option.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dread Pirate Roberts View Post
    I don't think my data allowance could cope with putting them up to the ether also without making unacceptable cuts in my downloading.
    What sort of el cheapo ISP are you using?
    Many don't include uploads in the data allowance and you should have an allowance of GB's per month anyway unless you are on some dodgy deal.

    And please don't say you are using Bigpond.

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    Yeah I'm feeling stupid now fellas. All working according to plan. Thanks.

    Changing topic -
    Dom lovelly photos, no 2 sure is sharp with lovely colours.
    Nice seeing you've changed your location in your sig too. That used to confuse the heck out of me seeing Australian scenery and listing a UK address.
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    yea dpr, please dont say you are using bigpond!

    i'm with internode, no upload caps
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    Thanks for the compliment,
    Yea I had to change it after causing confusion with a couple of you guys.
    Australia is a photographers dream, so much widlife and colour to photograph.

    I feel very privilaged to be here and be able to photograph these beautiful colourful things.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rooz View Post
    is that a preset or is it something you just made up as you went along ? care to share ?
    I would love to share.

    It's both. First I took the original color image and converted it to a color negative image...a one step pre-set process in PSP. Then, I applied the film-look "frame" which I picked from a menu of frame choices...click it and it's applied (you can apply it as a separate layer or to the same layer...I always use layers when given the choice). But, the frame was made up of varying shades of gray, so I selectively replaced the gray using the "Color Replacer" tool with the black and brown to give it more of a color negative film look. Then I saved the whole thing as a merged jpeg file. From start to finish in about a minute.

    I wish had more time to play...you can really do so many fun things with PhotoShop and PSP...but there's so little time for fun...
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    What an incredible shot Rooz. Did you add the vignetting or is that natural?
    edit: I just looked at it on your flickr, I don't know why you added it either I'm not usually a fan of vignetting. At least when it's obvious. But this is a really good shot.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ssil2000 View Post
    stunning! great use of HDR, one of the best shots i have seen in a while.
    I second, great image

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rooz View Post
    and what else do you notice in the exif my perceptive young detective ? lol
    I admit defeat - as far as my comment was concerned it was only an observation about what I saw printed in front of me - I have no idea how I would see your exif - I suppose save the image to a hard drive and open it with a program that can show exif data...
    So - do you own a 90mm Tammie or not??
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