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    TNB--that's just gorgeous!

    Visual Reality--adorable! It really captures the emotion.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tfa8rva View Post
    Nice shot TNB. Oh how I love a Trex 600.
    Thanks. There weren't too many around when I took that photo. By the way, it wasn't a staged photo. I simply took the photo at an after hour's party hosted by Thunder Power (battery company) during a two-day fun fly. Two flood lights were on the floor and I used an SB800 on camera. Krause was flying the heli.

    Quote Originally Posted by AdamW View Post
    TNB--that's just gorgeous!

    Visual Reality--adorable! It really captures the emotion.
    Thanks. You should have also seen the emotion after I captured that photo by the owner of Thunder Power. Everyone else just thought I was nuts. I still hear about it at some of the conventions.
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    My first experiment with people. What do you think?
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    I like the first one.

    If you could shoot at f/4 you could get a bit more background blur. That and a little flash would fill in those shadows but overall it looks "natural".
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    Quote Originally Posted by Visual Reality View Post
    I like the first one.
    I agree but I also find the fountain a little distracting.
    I suspect that the young lady would have rather not been in competition with a concrete seal.

    I think the second photo is a neat idea but would have worked better with more of the subjects face visible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TNB View Post
    Cool bug shots and nice smile on the dog. Not too bad of an RC shot either--good practice for panning. Attached is one of the photos I took at Antelope Canyon yesterday--still looking through them though most have "people" walking through my shots, intentional or not.
    TNB, Very nice! You have me kicking myself for not using the fisheye when I was down there. That's a real fun lens.

    Looking forward to seeing some more of your shots.

    Here's another of a sand "waterfall" in the canyon.

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    Thanks for the nice comments about the retriever...He is a ham.
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    stuart....thats stunning. Lovely capture.
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    herc182, Thanks very much!

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    Thanks for keeping them coming Stuart.
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