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    its hard to keep up with all of you.
    dread, your shots keep getting better and better, bravo.

    sicne my last photo was of my father, this will be my mother.
    new sigma 17-35 f/2.8-4
    flash on auto on a ttl cable.

    call me dylan.

    nikon d40
    nikon 18-55mm
    nikon 35mm f1.8
    nikon 50mm f1.8d
    sigma 17-35 f2.8-4
    nikon sb600
    sto-fen omnibounce
    promaster ttl cable


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    StuartN, that's my favorite of the slot canyon shots you've posted. I really like it, especially the colors. I've seen lots of slot canyon pics, but none with colors like yours.

    DPR, I'm off to look up Coelacanth !

    dx, I'm sure your mom just loves those wide-angle portraits
    Nikon D50, Nikkor 18-55mm, Nikkor 50mm 1.8, Sigma 70-300mm APO DG Macro, Tokina 12-24

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    Toriaj, Thanks. I really love the colors as well.

    DPR, cool shot of the Coelacanth. It looks quite large compared to the other fish in the shot.

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    Sign of things to come, at least there are not two digits before the decimal point.

    No drilling, No refineries, & High taxes, might be closer than you think.
    Last edited by rawpaw18; 05-23-2008 at 11:23 AM.
    - Rich

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    Quote Originally Posted by rawpaw18 View Post
    Sign of things to come, at least there is not two digits before the decimal point.

    No drilling, No refineries, & High taxes, might be closer than you think.
    id kill myself if gas was that high!
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    Not the greatest picture but I thought it was funny...


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    Photo 20,000

    Today I took my 20,000th photograph with the D50 .

    Here it is:

    Attachment 36385

    I really liked picture 20001 better (it's almost the same but framed closer), but I just couldn't ignore this meaningless milestone

    And here is a shot of a ladybird I took today:

    Attachment 36386


    Turo, nice picture. Very funny ,
    Richard, the fuel prices indicated there look a lot like the prices we are paying here in the Netherlands for real
    Nikon D-50
    // Nikkor 70-300 f/4-5.6 VR // Nikkor 50 mm f/1.8
    // Sigma 17-70 f/2.8-4.5 ...// Nikon SB-600
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    // Nikkor 35 f/1.8..........// Sigma 500 mm f/8

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    took some pictures for a model named Gia today, unedited.

    bare vivitar 285hv right of camera fired with cactus v2s

    [B]D90/18-70mm/Sigma 10-20mm/50mm f1.8[/80-200mm 2.8/B]

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    Just something to make your mouth water...
    nikon d40 | nikkor 55-200mm vr | nikkor 18-55mm | nikkor 70-300mm vr | SB 400 | My Flickr Animal Portraits Group! Join if you enjoy animals.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rooz View Post
    lol i'm having severe second thoughts believe me. its such a beautiful piece of equipment. but...really...i have no need for it with what i shoot. the 300/4 is a better tele for my purposes. i know the reviews dont say this but its way sharper than the 70-200. and the 85/1.4 is in my sights which is more suited to the work i'm doing. rolling around on the ground catching kids flying all over the place is hard to do with the 70-200.

    it also scares alot of kids and people in general. this may sound stupid, but with all the portrait commisions i'm doing, if i pull out the 70-200 people get nervus and apprehensive. i whack on the 85 or 50 and people get alot more relaxed. not to mention kids are overawed with the size of the 70-200 and all they wanna do is either hide from it or play with it. they ignore me with the primes on.

    weddings and sports, this thing is a no brainer. but for my purposes, its just a classic case of a lens that doesnt fit. not to mention i think within the next 12months this lens will be updated and the resale value of it right now is just unbelievable. i may even be able to sell it for more than i bought it. God Bless Nikon's incompetance at meeting market demand and having their top lens' in short supply. lol
    lmao, no that's doesn't sound stupid at all... matter of fact I've been told it's like pointing a Canon oops I meant cannon at someone. lol I understand what you mean exactly I have to be less intrusive in my situation and is akin to wedding as in event photography so the flexibility is essential. But as noted in a portrait setting it can be very intimidating. In general you're ahead in this game if you understand why you need a piece of equipment. And you have sold me on the 300mm it's on my semi short list along with the 85mm, matter of fact I recommended it to a friend just a few days ago. Yes! In some ways Nikon is better than the stock market. lol
    I thought about who I am... and realized I was an
    unformed, unreconciled imagery, without "GOD"

    and some other Nikon stuff


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