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    Nikon Aquisition Syndrome - the feeling you just need to add that next thing to your kit
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    Really like that second one Dennis, beautiful depth layers.
    - Rich

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    Sunset Shadows

    Vertical pic of shadows and silhouetted trees in late winter sunset. Been getting some nice sunsets against the snow covered frozen river.
    Will still be glad when I can shed my parka for a pair of shorts though.
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    Seeing the picture starts the process
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    Simple shot but I like it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 500mL View Post
    I just picked up a refurbished Nikkor 70-200mm f2.8 VR II a couple of weeks ago and I had the opportunity to test it out with my friend. ..
    Love it. ? lighting

    I'm also liking the portrait of the little guy Rooz.
    Michael B.
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    Hey DPR I think I get NAS too but I don't even own any Nikon gear
    Sorry to hear about the hot pixels Geoff, isn't there some way to map them out? I'm sure I read something about that somewhere although I'm way out of my knowledge area here so maybe someone else could jump in.
    Around every picture there's a corner & round every corner there's a picture
    - the fun's in finding them

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    Hot Pixals were mapped out, under warrantee, a few years back
    I was without the Cam for about 3 months!!!
    Within a month or so some more started to appear

    It's actually not that bad - despite there being around 12 or 14 of
    them now - they don't show up all the time.

    Cam is still otherwise great

    Mapping probably won't cure it - a new sensor would ~
    is it worth it?

    I will start to save - but it will be a very long time!

    If I were buying today - it would be a D90. I handled a D7000
    and didn't like it in my hands.

    anyway - here's a snap as I haven't posted here recently
    My record deck (- my other interst is music and sound etc)
    Geoff Chandler. UK/England/Surrey
    NIKON D90 / D80. Nikon 16 - 85 VR, Tamron 28-200,
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    I guess that it is something that is annoying once you notice them. Can't see any on your turntable shot though. How do they show up?
    Around every picture there's a corner & round every corner there's a picture
    - the fun's in finding them

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    I have a couple of stuck/hot pixels but they tend to show up only on long exposures.
    I had a play around with some software to automaticaly remove them along with trying to create an ImageMagick program to do it. If you are interested I will try and find the links.

    When you take a photo of the lens cap it is supprising what colours there are. But when you think about it on my camera there are 15 million pixels they are not all going to be perfect !

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