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    gorgeous man. wow.
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    To break up the soccer and portrait theme, here's a flower shot. 1/250, f/8 ISO 800 handheld.

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    That soccer photo is pretty funny and the woman, well she's just pretty! The flower photo is nice, but just hard to follow "sky woman."

    Here's a photo for the ladies. The photo was taken around 10pm and no flash was used. However, there were lots of colored lights circling the area. Sometimes even "exploding" canon fire. For example, there are some "red" and "blue" photos in my photostreams of more pirates and a few of the sirens (ladies).
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    Head north 'til you smack a polar bear, then crank it back 50 miles.
    Outstanding NCF. Originally I wanted to be just like Rooz.

    I've changed my mind. Bugs and trees just can't compare. Unfortunately its close to winter up here, which means its difficult to convince the female of the species to get out of their parkas. Oddly enough, I think it may ruin the tone of the shot

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    Another from a recent show.

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    Same spots as some of the earlier shot's, just different weather. Not the best shot ever had to use shallower dof due to lack of light.

    Thats a great shot eddie, I like the way the light is positioned in the background.

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    nice shot Eddie

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    The idea's a little bit cheesy and the execution far from being as professionally/cleanly done as possible, but it was an idea I had that I gave a shot at...

    GIF Animation 1:

    GIF Animation 2:

    Shot with the Sigma 17-70mm on the D300 (handheld.. thus the inconsistencies in compositions and the likes)
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    Quote Originally Posted by TNB View Post
    Just finished going through a few pirate/siren photos and some police K9 photos, but here's another hockey photo (still have a lot of those to go through as well).
    Maaan, I'm really missing the game. I gotta get my gear out and have some take pictures of me in action. Great shot TNB!

    I've been busy with relocating and organizing but I was able to take some time and get my D90 and 17-55 out for a stroll.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheWengler View Post
    I think it looks fine. Nothing overly exciting, but a solid composition with some decent colors. Some warm light would help.
    Thanks, Lukas.

    Quote Originally Posted by Prospero View Post
    I meant to comment on this one earlier, but I was preparing an exam I was likely to pass so I didn't have time. Now I'm preparing an exam that will take a miracle to pass, so that gives me plenty of time to comment

    All in all, I think you did an excellent job given the light conditions. I think the composition is nice, but I would aim the camera a bit lower to shift the horizon upward to the upper third and to show the top of the tree in the reflection.

    The lighting conditions didn't do the image much good, but you did nail the exposure. Personally I would boost the shadows a bit more and use some control points (if you use NX, otherwise I would recommend a Unsharp mask with a low strenght but high radius applied locally) to enhance the detail in the leaves.

    I don't really like the blueish cast in the sky. I would either warm the sky or decrease the saturation. In my opinion overcast skies look better if there are shades of gray rather than shades of blue. Finally, I think the foreground could use a bit more contrast and a bit less saturation. Especially the green grass looks a bit odd here.

    I don't think you needed HDR here, I think just processing a RAW file is the best (and easiest approach here).
    Thanks for the comments Dennis. I hope someday my Landscape photography can come somewhere near as good as yours!

    I added a little blue hue and saturated the sky because I thought it looked a little flat and dull due to the rainy cloud conditions but the more I look at it, the blue is a bit distracting!

    Back to my comfort zone....

    Another shoot for a roller derby calendar(my second calendar for them). I havent decided what to put in as the background yet though. This will be for the month of July...

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