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    been a while since i posted here. i was playing with my D300 and off cam flash. just wanted to share this.

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    I took more hockey photos last night, but I decided to upload a bug photo. I know it sucks, but I just had to go out a take a bug photo after viewing all these bug photos. I even tested out a lens doing it. Don't worry, no bugs were killed in the making of this photo. I didn't even prevent the flower from blowing around while trying to hold the lens still on that small bug.
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    Id like to get some feedback on this image. I decided to step out of my norm(studio work) and try some landscapes...

    I was going to attempt an HDR but it didnt turn out, so took one of the images and did alot of enhancements and photoshop to it.
    Is it over done? Too saturated? Does it look "fake"?
    Any and all comments are appreciated!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jcon View Post
    I decided to step out of my norm and try some landscapes...
    ha ! welcome to my nightmare ! lol

    no, it doesn't look fake or over saturated. i do think its missing something though. dont ask me what. lol
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    I'd prefer more contrast but maybe that's just me.
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    Jason to me there is a lack of most of it being sharp.
    Too dreamy looking for a lanscape, seem to have sharpness
    close but not very far into frame. Was it windy?
    Composition is great, reflections and colors are awesome

    TNB is that the 105 macro you are using?
    I like the scale of bug to flower, very nice!
    - Rich

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    Quote Originally Posted by jcon View Post
    Any and all comments are appreciated!
    The area of disturbed water in the distance is wrong for me it's sort of a blotch in the middle if the photo.

    The watermark doesn't help either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rooz View Post
    ha ! welcome to my nightmare ! lol

    no, it doesn't look fake or over saturated. i do think its missing something though. dont ask me what. lol
    It is missing something and I think it is different colours.
    Maybe some red leaves and more green grass?
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    The Gathering

    Every year the sandhill cranes gather in our area for their annual migration south. Here they are meeting up for lunch in a soybean field. The farmers don't really like them, but the people do.

    Also, it's a copy of Rooz's method of framing. I thought it worked for this shot.

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