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    My friend had their civil wedding yesterday morning and she hired me to do some shots for them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dread Pirate Roberts View Post
    I could understand you adding grain if it was a wheat field.
    Smarty, play on words and bad puns are right up my alley.

    Quote Originally Posted by umijin View Post
    Nice cattails!
    thanks much, the fuzzy parts were blowing off and I wanted to capture
    that but the wind stopped.... of course
    - Rich

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    Got bored and decided to test my new 16-85 VRII. Seems to work okay, but I need to test it under different conditions (like, not on a tripod) to see how it really performs.

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    nice shot of DC. id try that again at f8 and see if there is a difference. at f16 lens diffraction is starting to comprimise sharpness and you;re focusssing at infinity so f8 should be fine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dollface View Post
    I really like this! I wonder if it wouldn't look better if it didn't feel quite so centered though.

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    My Saturday night

    Before the start - 8.34pm

    Allowing me to flash them in the forest - 3.09am (6 hours and 9 minutes and 24 km's since the start)

    Crossing the finishing line - 9am (12 hours and 45 km since they left it)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Camerajunkie View Post
    I really like this! I wonder if it wouldn't look better if it didn't feel quite so centered though.
    Yeah I thought the same thing...and that's why i shot about 20 different photos of it...lol I will have to post the others.....
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    DBF LOVE the DC shot! The reflection in the water reminds me of one of Monet's paintings.
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    Ditto Dollfaces' remark on the DC Capitol building pic.
    Seeing the picture starts the process
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    More Christmas pageant people.

    Wonder if they kept this up the full couple miles ?
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