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    I think I've got spots on my sensor

    Oh learnt something in the last few weeks, surfers=fun photographic subjects, whales=boring subjects
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    Holy crap Jason,
    You need to post your photos more often. Great looking work.

    DPR love the top photo, awesome.
    Now whales surfing might be a fun subjects!
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    - Rich

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    Jason, incredible shot and girl, the only problem i see IF Rooz's wife watches this forum too

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tomcat View Post
    Is it lense distortion or is the camera tilted or have you been hitting that glass of wine? I'm in the process of getting tiltted right now but I will try to help.

    what photo shop do you have?
    I have PS elements 6.
    It looks like like the camera was tiltted. If that's the case there is a simple tool called the Straighten Tool. Find a line in your pic that should be horizontal. All you do is click on a start point and drag a line to an end point. and there you go. The problem I see with your pic is the top of the building is close to the top border.

    As far as Correct Camera distortion in elements 6 it is located under filters. Click on it and it will bring up a screen with a grtd on it. Just try the different sliders and see what each one does.

    In this case I dont think this tool will help. Try the Straighten Tool first.
    Tilt, he was joking!
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    um...where can i get lingerie like that?
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    Thanks for the compliments everyone, I appreciate them all!

    Elisha... She bought it at an army surplus store, I believe. I can ask her next time I see her.

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    ARMY SURPLUS?!! What the hell are they giving the troops to wear these days? Or is that for "under (the) cover" work?

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    Guys, Today is one of the Most Celebrated Sacred Festival related with God called "Janmastmi" in my Country.
    So a Happy Janmastmi to You and you Family.

    What you are seeing in this picture are kids making Pyramids (climbing on each other) to reach a high spot where the grown ups hang a Pot made of mud in which there are sweets, chocolates, butter (the God celebrated here used to like Butter a lot) and many fruits, the kids have to reach that pot and break it and share the feast, in Bigger metro cities, the Pots are hung as high as 6-7 stories high, where you can see the biggest pyramid formations in the World.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ANP !!! View Post
    So a Happy Janmastmi to You and you Family.
    And the same you go and your family if that is the appropriate thing to say.

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    You know that the flight is nearly over when...

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