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    Nice one anco85, that looks great!!!

    Cool shot Aldor, nothing wrong with water drops! The can have some of the best colors and reflections/refractions!

    Here's mine for today. Kinda weird since most of it is out of the DOF, but I still kinda like it:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Turo View Post

    Here's mine for today. Kinda weird since most of it is out of the DOF, but I still kinda like it:
    Nice DOF on that watch Turo!
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    Nothing new, here's one from the summer.

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    We have big skeeters in the South!!!!!

    Heard this helicoppter but it was hidden by the trees. When it cleared the trees it was headed toward the moon. No time to chage settings, when it was in front of the moon I snapped this.

    Quantaray 70-300mm f/4-5.6 G
    Focal Length 300mm
    ISO 400
    Underexposed 1.5 stopps
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    thats freakin awesome !
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    Quote Originally Posted by esp View Post
    It has been awile since I have posted anything....(long story for a different post.) Anyway, There has been some great shots over the past few weeks.

    I just got back from a week in the pacific northwest (U.S.) and came back with 1,000 pics. Here is one of the many.

    This is a state park in Anacortes Washington that was minutes from the house we were staying at. I waited for three days for some blue sky and a decent sunset and nothing but grey.
    esp. that is a great shot! I love the cold tone. it really fits here.

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    Thanks DPR and esp.

    Turo. the DOF is really nice.

    Tomcat. that is a really cool shot! love it!

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    Fanbloodytastic shot Tomcat.

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    So I'm covering a coworker this week (actually, my husband, we work for the same company.) So I was out and about all day while he's on "vacation." Took the camera with me to kill the time I had inbetween assignments.

    I've edited a whole one, and I'm posting it for your viewing pleasure. More to come, if I get them edited, lol.


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    Thanks Turo.

    I can't believe how this group is improving. Everyday I check here, each of you have stepped up. Amazing stuff guys.

    Here's another shot from the Rubicon road test.

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