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    There is something about that bird shot that doesn't look right to me. It almost looks like the bird has been cut from another photo and added to the blue sky. The top of the bird (between it and the tree) looks unnaturally sharp. Maybe it's the compression on the image size or something that caused it.

    I like the composition and the look on the birds face but...

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    Quote Originally Posted by kjmdrumz3 View Post
    A shot from a wedding.

    Ya know, I am still very much a novice when it comes to photography and post-processing. I read "The Digital Photography Book" by Scott Kelby cover to cover a few nights ago and am noticing dramatically better pictures. I am changing settings in-camera that I never even thought about before the read. Things like using an actual White Balance as opposed to the Auto setting, exposure compensations, trying to find the aperature at which my lens is sharpest, using the Highlights feature to get my exposure right, trying different framings, angles, etc. Just by understanding and utilizing some of these in-camera features, my pictures seem to have jumped leaps and bounds in just a couple days. I have the Field Guide for the D40/D40x coming too which is getting great reviews. I learn best by reading, then going hands-on. Sorry to ramble, but I recommend reading as much as possible to any novice on this board. I just wish I had done it 6 months ago!

    honestly when i saw this, i was blown away.
    i love it.
    call me dylan.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rooz View Post
    huh ?? what are you disappointed about ? its a great shot and you DID nail it. birds in their natural environment are not easy to catch and its a matter of luck whether the composition works or not given all the obstructions and their skittiness.

    all you can do is try and nail the focus, nail the exposure and hope for the rest. you did all of that so theres nothing to be disappointed at mate.

    Couldn't agree more I only read the first two lines of what DPR wrote and then proceeded to skim the pictures. My thoughts were OK on shell image but the bird image that's really good. Looks like he caught the golden evening sunset light. Well Done DPR
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    DPR, nice shot. I really like the colours.

    Quote Originally Posted by XaiLo View Post

    Prospero, luv the composition great colors too, such a colorful day in the nieghborhood.
    Thanks Xailo. Glad you like the picture.

    Here are two more of the same evening:

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    Last weekend visitors.

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    First time i've seen an orange moon last night. i got off work and saw it, luckily i had my camera with me in the car. photo taken last night, 06.13.2008, at around 10:38PM. Just wanted to share it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kjmdrumz3 View Post
    A shot from a wedding.

    stunning shot. wow.

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    Look at those eyes. Great shot Rooz!
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    Rooz, that expression of your son, mainly the mouth, reminded me of Dave Hughes. Great shot. His eyes are so nice to look at.
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    Quote Originally Posted by achuang View Post
    Rooz, that expression of your son, mainly the mouth, reminded me of Dave Hughes. Great shot.
    How could you wish that upon the poor wee fellow.

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