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    Question Newbie - SD800 IS - Slow flash/Picture time -Please help!

    My fiancee just bought me the SD800 IS for my birthday., I had the SD100 for a few years now, so clearly we thought it would be a substantial upgrade. And, I've read some great reviews of the 800 IS as well.

    One of the reasons for the new camera was that with the SD100, it was nearly impossible to capture candids - by the time the camera focused and the flash went off - the moment was gone.

    I really expected the SD800 would be a vast improvement in speed - the time between pushing the shutter button and the picture is taken - over the SD100 - but I'm not noticing much, if any improvement.

    Is this just how these cameras operate? Or is there something I can do to improve the performance? Would a high-speed memeory card help?

    I'm just missing all live action/candid shots and it drives me crazy.

    Please help!


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    I know that on most digi-cams there is a setting for the camera to continuously focus on subjects. I would imagine the SD800 has that option. I believe that would speed up your shots a bit. If it does have that option, and you turn it on, it will consume your battery faster.

    I had a SD550 for about a week and I didn't think it shot slow, but I didn't like the zoom, and it didn't have IS, so I ended up purchasing a Panasonic TZ1. I must say the TZ1 takes shots pretty fast, without having the constant focus setting turned on.

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