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Thread: Lenses

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    I have a canon 20D and would like to buy another lense for it. I saw some on sale at our local camera stores. I would appreciate your inputs and advice on these lenses or suggestions on what to buy. I saw a Sigma AF 28-300 Macro Zoom f3.5-6.3 and a Tamron AF 18-200 mm f3.5-6.3 xr Di II zoom lens. (Are these good name brands for lenses?) I don't know my camera very well, but I would like to play around and have a lense that is versatile.


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    Quality is specific to particular lenses, NOT just the brand. Canon makes great lenses, and Canon makes crap. Same goes for every other manufacturer.

    The two lenses you listed are compromise lenses. You get a lot of versatility but you give up image quality to get it.

    Check out the lens review sticky.

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