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    First shots with my D200

    I went down to the strip with some friends last weekend and I had a chance to use my D200 for the first time. Here are some of the shots that I thought turned out great. Some say that the image quality is the same with the D200 and the D70s, but I have to disagree- man this camera rocks.

    This picture below was intentionally out of focus and under exposed

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    Nice pictures, Chris. Is that first picture of Mandalay Bay? I really love that picture, its ashame you couldnt move back a bit to get the top of the structure in the picture!

    I am guessing you are very pleased with your upgrade? How easy is it to use compared to the D70s?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jcon View Post
    Nice pictures, Chris. Is that first picture of Mandalay Bay?
    That's Wynn Resort across from Fashion Show Mall.

    Nice pics Chris.
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    I don't know if I should be jealous because you got a d200 or because your in Vegas.

    Nice shots.

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    The first two are really nice pictures, the second one being my favorite because of the extra long exposure to blur the people walking in front of you. I was going to note that the last picture is out of focus, but since it is intentional then it is also a good shot. I always love those long exposures with car lights, gives a good sense of motion.
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    Very nice shots, Chris. That D200 really produces some high quality images in your hands.

    I really like that last shot. The intentional misfocussing is a great effect. I'll definitly give that technique a try some day. I find that big blown out screen a bit distracting though, perhaps you could try to clone that away.
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    echorec Guest
    Great pics! May I ask which lens you used on the second picture? Thanks.

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    Thanks for the feedback. I was using my Sigma 24-70 for these shots, and I wanted to back up more but then I would have gotten some lamp lights in the picture. Yeah,Vegas is definatley a great place to practice your night time photography. Just a word of caution: if you start taking pictures and have a camera that looks expensive, if security sees you they will ask you to stop taking pictures on their property, even though tons of tourists walk by and snap a picture on their little point and shoot digital cameras- what a joke. On this particular night, TNB and a friend of his joined me and we had a lot of fun taking pictures of the Stardust, as they will be knocking it down soon, and yes, we where chased off by at least 2 security guards that night!

    Here is a shot of the upper half of the Wynn

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