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Thread: sony close ups?

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    linda Guest

    sony close ups?

    I have a Sony DSC-P92 and I have a lot of trouble shooting close ups, any ideas how I can add to this lens or how to take better photos of small objects? Thank you!

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    Macros with a Sony Cybershot

    Just be very aware of what is the minimum distance to the subject really is! Often time folks think nthat their digital camera can actually focus closer than their Cybershot can really focus.

    Sarah Joyce

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    Sony close-ups

    You don't describe the type of problems you are having. What objects are you trying to photograph? Are you using a tripod? Working with natural lighting or flash? Are images blurred? Is there evidence of camera movement? More details would be helpful.

    BTW, the camera's macro mode focuses at a minimum distance of 10cm (4 inches) with the lens wide open (W mode). If you need to get closer, try locating a compatible close-up lens set.
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    I just bought an H1 and have an old Nikon 6T close-up lens with a 58mm adapter. The 6T is/was used for SLRs that had lenses over 200mm. The H1 obviously does better than that but does not have a way of attaching a close-up lens directly - rather the 6T would go onto the lens adapter.

    My wife had th ecamera for a few days out of town, so I thought I would ask here if anyone knows if I will find the 6T usable on the H1 or not?


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