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    PCT Challenge "Autumn/Fall" week ending 11-11-06

    PCT Challenge "Autumn/Fall" week ending 11-11-06

    Alright boys and girls this bi-monthly challenge is "Autum" a lot of you have been waiting for this one, so here it is. Fall is here probably one of the most colorful seasons. It's been asked for so I hope to see a lot of participation. If the leaves don't change in your part of the world that's OK post pics anyway, some of us will still learn something about your part of the world. As always if you choose to accept this challenge, put your creative hats on and strut your stuff. Thanks in advance to all the participants hopefully these execises will make us all better photographers and artists...

    Let's see some more exif data guys I know it takes a little extra effort but it's worth it.

    PCT Challenges will have a two week duration in order to give those with limited time a chance to participate.

    Our last challenge didn't do so well according to the numbers. I thought it would have done better, oh well... let's make this one the best one yet guys...

    Good shooting ladies and gentlemen.
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