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    S602Z "Card not initialized"...CRAP!!

    So this morning I go out to snap a few pics that need to be snapped. I pull the camera from the bag and find that the camera had somehow been switched on while in storage (switched to the view mode). So batteries are dead. A minor inconvienence (rechargable are awesome...expecially a second set).

    So I change the batteries and get her spooled up, and then I get the "Card no intialized" warning on the card. WTF?? I've tried reformatting the card both in the camera and with my external card reader. No dice. If can re-start/reset everything and get the smart media to work. So the camera works (I think).

    Any suggestions?

    BTW, the card that isn't working is a SanDisk CF Ultra II 2.0GB card and I've got the SanDisk card reader.
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