After looking at "Truflip" shots I am stunned!!!!!!!! They are some awesome photos, that I really enjoy looking at over and over!!
I have been getting ready to get a Canon S3. I am getting everything I need first before getting the camera, I hope this makes sense to you, it does to me.

So far I have a AccuManager 20 charger and two 4 packs of the new eneloop batteries.
I am going to get a Ridata 2GB SD 150X memory card to start. My reason for the Ridata is the fact that they make the best CD/DVD disks I have ever used, I think they are here to stay, hope the hell they are compatible with the S3!

QUESTION: I need the advise of some real experts such as "Truflip" on what I should consider to be able to take those "AWESOME" close up shots of his such as filters, whatever. This even includes a great case and small extras, I believe you get the idea.
All advise would be extremely welcome, except for people saying get the camera first!

My photography experience is somewhat limited, so if you advise something please say why with an example if you can. I give you my word that I will give you updates on the progress of the whole process.
Sincerely, Changeling