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    A white/yellow flower

    A white /yellow flower-
    70-300 IS iso 100 @ 300mm F8, 0.3
    In spite of f8 all the leaves are not in focus- maybe i should have gone to f 11?
    Thanks for looking and comments given
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    It actually looks a tad bit overexposed _ as the white detail seems lost somewhat. Move in closer and zoom out wider to maybe increase DOF + if on a tripod turn the IS off. 0.3 seconds is rather slow.
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    Agreed, I like the shot, but it does look a little overexposed for my taste; I would darken it a bit in PP.
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    I'll defer to the more experienced, but I believe shooting at full telephoto is probably a big contributor to the lack of depth of field. A wide angle lens stopped down and shot closer may help.
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    Sungrazer is right on the DOF issue (though you could also just shoot at the wide end of your 70-300 zoom rather than at 300mm.)
    But I disagree on the exposure issue. I don't think it's over-exposed: I think it lacks contrast. Pump up a little contrast and you're good to go.
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    Thanks guys for all comments and suggestions. I will shoot at wide angle and move closer to increase DOF and post again
    Peter, thanks for looking. will use custom functions to inc contrast

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