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    Question Backdrops and Flooring

    So I have been studying model photography lately. I am looking at a bunch of materials, and one particular studio effect confuses me, although I think I know how its done.

    Ok, so lets look an example.

    In the picture here the model is posed against a red backdrop, which is not a problem, but the walls and the floor seem to merge. I am confused, is this a colored floor?

    Someone, please tell me how this effect is accomplished. My guess is that its not a backdrop, but instead a set. Where there is a wall and a stage, and the joints meet so well that you can not tell.

    Anyone? Please help me understand this. Thanks.

    Black Razor

    Model Image Courtesy of www.photographytips.com
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    To the contrary, it is a backdrop...probably a red roll of paper. To achieve this effect you place your backdrop on a stand or attach it to the wall above the model, and roll it out across the floor in front of the model (so that the backdrop covers the wall and the floor with one continuous color). Since the backdrop is one continuous roll of paper (or piece of fabric) it covers where the wall and the floor meet (in fact, most pro studios curve the wall at the bottom so that there is no chace of creasing). Proper lighting will even diffuse the shadows to the point that the model appears to float on nothing. In your sample, you can see the shadows from the lighting on te floor, indicating the direction of the key light...

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    Thanks. Please consider this thread closed.

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