My new "Alpha" just arrived today and I have been busy shooting test shots all afternoon.
I have been a Canon DSLR user for many years and went through the D30, D60, 10D & RebelXT.
I have also used a Fuji S1 & S2 Pro, Nikon D100 & D70 (my wifes cameras) so I have been using DSLR's for almost 6 years now.

The first issue I noticed is my camera is constantly re-focusing. This is happening with 3 different lenses, including the stock 18-70.
I have tried all the different focusing modes (AFS, AFA, AFC & DMF) but it makes no difference. No matter what I do, the camera constantly keeps re-focussing as long as it is powered up and not asleep.
With every other DSLR we have owned, focusing does not start until you press the shutter halfway and then whatever focussing mode is selected starts up.
This A100 body just keeps trying to focus unless I change it to MF or shut the camera off. This is not good. I can't believe this will not affect battery life and frankly the constant focussing as I am walking around is driving me a bit nutty. Can't be good for the motors in the lenses either to keep going constantly.
I wanted to try this camera because of the anti shake technology (Super Steady Shot in Sony Speak) and because my Canon 100-400 IS lens has now broken for the 3rd time and I am tired of sending it in to be fixed...
Is anyone else having this same issue? I tried calling Sony earlier but could not get a tech on the line.
Thanks for any assistance.