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    Tamron 28-300mm Ultra Zoom XR Autofocus Lens

    Does anyone have this lens. I have it. Havent experimented with it yet. Any tips or things i should do or shouldnt do. Is it good for action shots. What settings would the camera be on to do this. Yes im all new to this!!!

    Thanks for any info!!!

    Also what is the reasonable for manual/auto focus lens more like for every day use.

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    Smile A good all-around lens

    Use a flash indoors... if you go from 150-300mm, otherwise you may not get a decent shot. There is a lot of light lost between those two ranges.

    The wider range, from 28-70 should be be reasonable, but don't shy away from the flash, anyway.

    Outdoors, this lens has all the flexibility you could ask for, but you also will have to tolerate some distortion at the extreme ends. It's not too critical, but lenses that cut these ranges up a bit more... well, they tend to look quite a bit better. Convenience does have a price.

    You might want to consider reading this ---> TAmROn 28-300mm, to help you appreciate some of the drawbacks and limitations to the lens.

    Try to remember also, that you are shooting effectively a 42mm-450mm lens, when this lens is on the SONY, due to the DCF (digital cropping factor of 1.5x), as compared to a 35mm film camera. It's like adding a 1.5 teleconverter to the lens... only you don't lose any light. It's nice for the telephoto aspect of it, but kind of short changes you with the wide-angle stuff. There is a tremendous amount of difference between real 28mm and real 42mm.

    Also, do not try to use a real teleconverter with this lens... or you will disable your autofocus... due to light light loss. Autofocus requires f/8 to operate. This lens already does not have that much to give away, with the concessions that were made to allow for such and extreme zoom range.

    Adding a polarizer filter (you lose up to 1.5 f-stops of light) can also raise havoc with the AF at 150mm+ focal length for the same reason. Not enough light for the focusing sensor to work correctly.

    Don't get me wrong, this kind of lens is a real player, if you can only carry one lens with you. Just be aware that it has some limitations, also. Don't limit its light in any way and you will...

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