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    Quote Originally Posted by russellc View Post
    The article suggests a better and faster result can be obtained by converting the avi to NTSC compliant mpeg2 and creating your DVD from that with an editing programme. While you end up with an NTSC DVD the article says most dvd players and TV's here in Australia can play that anyway.

    Has anyone tried that and, if so, can you comment on the result? Thanks
    I think the best answer is to play a commercial NTSC DVD and note the difference. If you have any Region 1 DVD's, which will be in NTSC, (I have a few from when I couldn't wait for new movies to be released in Australia)....then you will see there is a difference between them. As to how significant this difference is.....depends on how picky the viewer is.
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    it depent on video resolution which your device can support and you want,you can convet avi to mpeg2 .Here is a tips:how to convert avi to mpeg2!

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    yea, I guess that you can use some converter tool.

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