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    Nov 2004

    New FZ20 owner,,,just saying hi

    Thought I would introduce myself. My name is Cal. the first thing I must say is it look's like you guy's have a great site here. I found alot of good info all ready.

    I just picked up a FZ20 last night after reading all great reveiw's. Then I stumbled onto you guy's,,,,I got lucky twice in one day I'd say,,,,lol I was buisy all day and haven't got a chance to play with my new toy yet. Beleive me though, I'm chompin at the bit. I must admit this is my first real camera of any kind.

    I did manage to pick up a bag, and a Ultar II 512 card. And, it only took me 2 tries. Actually, when I bought the camera, I got the accesories that the Circuit City web site recomended. Well when I got home and went to put the camera in the bag, it just wasn't big enough. The battery they had was a low milli amp one. Only 520 or so. Not even as much as the factory one. And the card they suggested wasn't even close to what I needed.

    So after reading till the we hour's of the morning last night, I figured out, thank's to you all, what I would be better suited with. Took it all back today and got what I needed, except for the battey. That I guess I'll order online somewhere. I think I read the batteryshack had a 800 ma for $37. Thank's Jim Last

    Well I've rambled way too much for my first post. I hope you guy's don't mind a total newbie. But hey, we all to start somewhere besides the top. Cal

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    Sep 2004
    western pa
    You are on the way , My guess is you will like the camera ....I know I do.

    one of these days I'll understand!

    Panasonic FZ20 & FZ30,FZ18
    D50 -- D80

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    Nov 2004
    I definitely do; it's not perfect but when you learn to use it you will be very happy - I've been pic crazy since I bought it last week...
    My Family's website

    Panasonic DMC-FZ20 - and loving every minute of it!!!
    Canon s60 - keeps the wife from using MY FZ20 :P

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    Nov 2004
    Sydney Australia

    48hrs owner of FZ20

    Newbie here as well.
    Read all the reviews and decided to buy the camera on Sunday (Australian time)

    Tonight I have been experimenting with M, S, and A mode.

    Still strugling with F/stop and what it all means but....we will get there one day

    Took heaps of shots just to see the effect with different settings etc.

    Great site here and glad to have found it.

    Sydney Australia

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