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    Camera Technical issue

    I have a Fujifilm digital camera FinePix Z1. I was continuously shooting images for a few minutes when the camera suddenly crashed. All the controls stopped working and I was also unable to turn off the camera. So I had to remove the battery. But then I was unable to switch it on again. I managed to turn it on only using the DC adapter but only for a few seconds afterwards it crashed the same way. Now I canít turn it on anymore. Does anybody know what can be the problem and is it seriously damaged? I received the camera as a prize and it was shipped to me from abroad and I am not sure whether is it possible to use the technical support and how.

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    Question Try contacting Fujifilm Tech support:

    I looked up the web page for your camera. Go there and see what they advise. It seems like a new enough model, you may still be entitled to warranty service?
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    Yes, I've written a letter to technical support and I am waiting for an answer. The camera should have warranty but its warranty card was left blank in the box.

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    Hi belizar

    when I had an issue with the Fuji s5600 camera I simply rang the Fuji helpline and discussed it with them. They have help lines all over the world so it shouldn't matter where you live. Regards the warranty card not being filled out, tell Fuji you won it and see what they say.

    re: you were clicking away continuously and then it crashed. It sounds like the camera overheated and when you pulled the batteries out it upset the software settings. It could be stuffed but I would say it is a dodgy camera to start with because they shouldn't overheat. They are designed to take pics and if they can't do that they shouldn't be sold. Also I think most of the Fuji cameras are made in China these days and that does cause a few issues with quality control.

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    Thank you

    Thank you Colin. I should try to call them. By the way the camera is made in Japan.

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