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    Exclamation SIGMA 24-135mm Asph. IF REVIEW - PART I

    1. INTRO

    Hey everyone, the SIGMA 24-135mm f2.8-4.5 Aspherical IF I ordered from Cameta Cameras thru eBay just came in. The shipping was really fast. 4 days I think?

    This thing is HUGE. Kinda rivals the popular 17-40 L in size and is darn heavy. Weighs about 530g which is almost as much as my camera. (Note the large 77mm filter size)

    Here's the photo of the lens from DpReview.

    Heres some shots of it on my film and dSLR.

    Here is the lens attached to my GX-1L at wide and full telephoto.

    Right out of the box, I can easily confirm reports of zoom ring stiffness. but after a dozen or two full extension-retractions, the stiffness easied quite a bit.

    The biggest shocker were the marks on my rear element. I'm not sure if they are scratches or not. I've taken some photos and they don't seem to appear. Oh well. The Sigma MSRP of the lens is $500 and Cameta sold it to me for $99US. (After $CAN conversion, shipping and taxes, $145CAN) I dunno if I want to go through the hassle of returning it with the $27US shipping fee and then face more fees after that. What do you guys think?

    See on the top of the rear element, its like some of the coating got scratched or something. Should I take it to Henrys to get it checked out?


    Heres a shot of the 9 aperture blades. Throughout the aperture range, the closest thing to a polygonal opening I could make out was an octagonish shape so there should be some good bokeh I guess but the MTF charts look ..eh...I'll let you decide.

    Lens Aperture Ranges
    f2.8 - 24 to ~30mm
    f3.5 - 30 to ~50mm
    f4.0 - 50 to ~90mm
    f4.5 - 90 to 135mm

    One of the problems of the aperture ring is that its tucked away at the base of the lens so you'll find that you might have you cram your thumb/index finger to get at it. (Look at the side views of the lens attached to my camera, see how narrow the space is to access the aperture ring?) One solution (if you use Aperture Priority alot) is to set the Aperture to "Auto" or "A" position and just use the control dial on your camera body.

    4. The TEST

    Ok, here's the actual stuff I think you all were waiting for. I set up a scene of a Clock, some pieces of chalk, spray paint/Axe.

    Settings : Default, AWB, 2s Self Timer
    ISO : 200 (lowest..lol)
    Focal Lengths : 24mm, 50mm, 135mm (According to the exif data, I was 2mm short of 50mm...so..I'll just say 48mm from now on.)

    5. CROPS

    24mm - f2.8

    OMG THE 10 PHOTO LIMIT. LoL. Click here for Part II.
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    Gallery : DeviantArt

    35mm SLR : PENTAX MZ-M w/ PENTAX FG Battery Grip

    SIGMA 24-135mm f2.8-4.5 Aspherical IF (Pentax AF Mount)
    18-55/3.5-5.6, 35-70/3.5-4.8, 70-210/4-5.6, 80-200/4.5
    28/2.8, 50/2, 135/2.8, 135/3.5, 200/3.5, 300/5.6

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    Clean the back element with a good lens cleaning fluid and a special soft cloth. Most of these scratch like marks will disappear, they almost never are real scratches.

    And even if it is real damage to the coating, it will never show up in a photo (all the more because it is a full frame lens). So... since the lens is so cheap, it does not really matter that it is not pristine, I think. Just enjoy using it.
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    It's one of my favorite cameras ever

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