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    How do you do that?

    I've seen pictures where people say they setup "rigs". Or to make moving shots when the car is still, like the wheels will be moving and everything as if the car is in motion, but it's actually still. Anyone know how to do this? Here's an example of what I'm talking about.

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    Motion blur in PhotoShop.

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    hey.. another thing, it doesn't look like he is still either- his RPMs look like he's idling and the shot is long exposure, so the car IS moving, just at a *REALLY* slow speed. Idle speed. Less than five miles per hour. He's probably in a parking lot of a closed store. the exposure was probably set at 1 second or hreater.. my guess would be 1 second, but i could be wrong.

    Motion blur in photoshop would achieve the same thing, but if he did thath, there'd be no need to have his engine actually running as you can see from the tach. and his speed isn't at 0 either.
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    seems to be engine on
    0 speed on the speedometer, or just near?
    about 1,200 rpm on the tachometer, which is above idle 800rpm
    wheels turning ?

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    Front curtain + long exposure would be my guess. The camera is probably mounted via a rig. You can see that the parking light is on, so what he did was most likely fire off the camera, dropped the parking breaks, and started turning in circles. As for why you don't see the needles moving, it's probably because he turned off the dashboard lights.

    Edit: Actually.. you can see the tach needle move a little.
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    Photography Monthly just had an article about how shots like this are done, specifically about Lotus and their latest car brochure pictures.

    The Lotus photographer used 15 second exposures, and a guy pushing the car slowly across the parking lot.... and then 8 hours or something of PS work to remove the rigging, etc.
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    or you can buy a suction camera mount and a remote shutter release for the camera and actually get the shot on the move, like all the shots you see in car mags
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    suction cup would put a little fear in me. I think I was Manfrotto had one that clipped on the window.
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