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    Rookie needs help shooting sports

    i just bought a canon powershot a710 yesterday and i love it. i was doing some test shots of my room mates playing sports and it came out blurry. i tried multiple presets such as kids and pets but this didnt fix it. whats the best way to capture sports?

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    Generally, you need a fast shutter speed to stop the action. A speed of 1/100 of a sec. might work. Faster would be better. It is helpful to anticipate were the action will take place. You can then focus on that spot and take the photo when it happens. This is easier in photographing baseball. If you anticipate a play at first, you focus there, then soot when the play reaches first.

    If your camera allows multiple shot, this is also helpful.

    Have fun.
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    Hi TeddTucker

    I am not sure if the Powershot a710 is a SLR or a point & shoot. Most pre-sets on digital cameras are crap. I think the engerners that design things on computers should actually get off their ass and make a prototype, test it thoroughly and then go back and fix the problems with it. Until that happens you can pretty much ignore most of the pre-set functions on digital cameras, (ie kids, pets, etc).

    For sports/ action shots you want a fast shutter speed, a high ISO number, a tripod, and a decent length lens.

    eg: (digital SLR), set camera to shutter priority, use 1/500 second for shutter speed, 800 ISO, stick the camera on a tripod and use a 100-300mm zoom lens. The aperture should be taken care of by the camera.

    eg2: (point & shoot camera) as above except you zoom in with the 3x optical lens. If the camera doesn't have shutter priority then you will have to use the Sport setting.

    If it is dark, cloudy or at night, then set the ISO to 1600 or 3200. Alternatively slow the shutter speed down to 1/250 second. This allows more light in but you may get more blurred pics.

    If you use a flash please note they are only useful on objects up to about 10feet away. Therefore if you are in the stands trying to photograph players in the field a flash is absolutely useless.

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