i am a surgeon and essentially take intra-operative photos and pictures of resected specimens.
I was using an old 3.2 megapixel panasonic camera, but now would like to upgrade.i wanted to know which type ( resolution/ megapixel) is ideal for medical photography.
what i need is a camera which takes good pictures under OR lights.
what happens most of the time is that if you use the flash its too bright and if you don't its too dark.
another problem i found was that due to the blood in the operative field the pictures would become reddish.
is there any specific model anyone can suggest.
i haven't decided a budget but under $500 ( Rs. 25,000 INR) would be fine.
most of the photos would be used for presentation and publications.
Also since most publications, (i presume) require a minimum of 150 x 150 dpi resolution what is the minimum specification that i can go for?i also would be using this for taking family picture.
your advice would be of great help