I am unable to reconnect the missing pictures.
In most of my albums, there's a question mark arises on each of my photos and when i tried to open those photos, the software respondes as,

' Kodak easyshare software can no longer find the file:
The file may have been renamed or moved in your windows file system'

Why it is so? I havn't deleted any pictures and i didnt rename anything. What it actually mean? Also i went to tool bar and clicked the 'check for missing pictures option, there i am unable to catch my required file through the option 'browse'. I am sure that the question mark'?' on my pictures represents the missing pictures , but i dont know how to resolve it. Please help me to reconnect my missing pictures. I really need it. I TRIED BY BEST TO RECONNECT THE MISSING PICTURES AS PER THE SUGGESTIONS GIVEN BY THE SOFTWARE. I THINK IT CANNOT BE RESOLVED BY THE USUAL WAY. Guide me!!!!!!!!!