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Thread: SD card error

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    Zamrichik Guest

    SD card error

    I've bought new SD card sandisk 1GB from ebay. When using it for the first time, it was OK until I took nearly 500 photos and about 30 minutes video when its appeared the card error on the camera. I even cannot switch the camera on when the card was in the camera. When removed its OK. The card also didn't appear as one of the removable storage when I put in the card reader on my laptop. I've tried with some companies to recover it but all came back to me mentioned that they can't do anything as the card badly corrupted. I really devastated as all the photos from my lovely holiday were in the card. I also contacted the sandisk company, but when I gave the card no., they said that the card wasn't theirs. Its a bogus sandisk card. The card was made in taiwan. Does anybody has any idea or knows something or somewhere to recover the photos from this corrupted card, please let me know. Many thanks


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    The same thing happened to me, Kingston 255 MB. I got this card for free when I bought the Samsung Camera. Tomorrow I'll go samsung center asking can they help me recover my pictures. If I got any best solution on this issue, I'll be back

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