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    Compact flash card differences

    I need to get another compact flash memory card. When looking at the SanDisk web site I see three models of interest to me. Assuming I am looking at a 2 or 4 MB card, what are the real differences between the:

    SanDisk Ultra II
    SanDisk Extreme III
    San Disk Extreme IV

    The III and IV models come with some sort of data recovery software. Are any of you familiar with this or used it?

    I am using a Canon 30D, and believe that the recording speed of a pic is a function of the camera. Therefore, I don't know if it would make any difference if I used a II, III or IV.

    In terms of durability and reliability are the three models the same?

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    I don't remember the link, but I remember reading a site comparing the differences between the Ultra II and Extreme III in a 30D and the Extreme III was only slightly faster. If I'm not mistaken, the Extreme series really excels in transfers using card readers. The Extreme IV is supposed to have a special card reader that will allow very fast transfers. I have an Ultra II in my 30D and find that it flushes the buffer plenty fast.

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    I too have a 30D, and use either Fuji 40X cards or Extreme IIIs .

    The only time I notice any differents is when shooting at 5fps, and then I only get 1 or 2 more RAW shots before the buffer is full and it slows down. There is no point in wasting your money on the new Extreme IV, for 99% of the time a Ultra II will do fine.

    But as you can get Extreme II so cheap nowadays you may as well get them.

    2gb Extreme III 49
    2GB Extreme IV 95

    Need we say more

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