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Thread: SD Card Issue

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    SD Card Issue

    Hello, I have a Dazzle High Speed USB 2.0 card reader and I have 2 different sandisk cards I use for my camera. One card is a 256meg and the other is a 2.0gig. I am trying to transfer some data from my desktop computer to my laptop using the 2.0gig card. Both computers are running WinXP Pro. When I transfer the data to the 2.0gig card I can see that it transfered over just fine on the desktop computer meaning I can actually see the data is in fact on the card. I then go over to the laptop computer and plugin the Dazzle into the usb port and its like it does not even see the card. I can see that there are 2 removeable drives that get added in windows explorer so the reader is being detected. Here is where it gets strange to me. I can go back over to the desktop and plug in the reader and insert the 256meg card and transfer over the same data and then go to the laptop, plug in the reader and I can see and access the data on the card. The cards and the same brand. Both cards do function correctly in the cameras so I dont think its a faulty card. I made sure also that the card is formatted correctly with the "FAT" file system using both that format option located by right clicking in windows explorer and selection format and also using the disk management utility located in computer management. Does anyone have any ideas on what might be the issue here? Thanks...

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    Try NTFS instead of FAT?

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