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    Speedligh Inconsistency and frustration!

    SB-600/D70s/Fong Light Sphere.

    I just cant seem to get consistent results and it is really frustrating. In late afternoon shade, I shoot in Shutter prioity at f5.6 1/60th of a second at 50mm with my SB600 set to i-TTL @ 0.0 - results are inconsistent as 2-3 out of 10 shots will not be exposed correctly. If I am not standing in the exact same spot for each shot, either the target is too bright/dark or the background is too bright/dark so If I move at all, then I have to adjust the SB600 exposure on the speedlight- am I doing this correctly? Should I be changing the exposure on the speedlight or on the D70s?

    Once I move indoors to take pictures( A hotel with yellow flourescent lighting mixed with light comming through windows) I keep the same settings except I move to a slower shutter speed (1/15th-1/8th and a steady hand) to "drag the shutter" and let more ambient light in so that my target (kids) are properly illuminated with fill flash while the background ambient light is exposed like what my eye sees. Again, out of 10 shots 3-4 of them are way whack! Again, if I move from my spot I was originally shooting at, everything goes screwy and so I adjust the exposure of the speedlight on the speedlight, and I use a slower shutter speed to let more ambient background light in.

    Can anyone offer some advice to what I can do to get more consistent results. I just feel like I am left to the mercy of luck when it comes to flash photography! Are there any books recommeneded for using a SB600 in different type of lighting? I just feel like the Nikon CLS with its great reputation is rather finniky at times.


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    The first thing that I would try would be to change the metering to Center Weight and see how that works out. As for setting the exposure compensation, yes, set it on the flash. See if that works for you.
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