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Thread: Sub 100 camera

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    Sub 100 camera

    I'm looking for a "cheap" digi cam.

    I'd been serioulsy considering a Nikon Coolpix L4 or L3 as this offers the features I want within my price range. It's also small and light enough to fix in my pocket without being intrusive.

    However having read around I've read that this camera is slow (although no one seems to quantify slow in their reviews) and secondly that it isn't the robust camera.

    Has anyone any thoughts or suggestions on this?
    Ideally I need to buy today.

    ** Edit one other thing I wanted was an optical view finder which the nikon doesn't have

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    You're not going to get much of a camera for 100 quid. You're probably best off looking at end of line bargains or 2nd hand.

    Since you're in the UK, here's a couple of sites that might help:

    Fuji manufacturer's reconditioned shop (with 6 month warranty):


    Morgan cameras - end of line bargain specialist:


    I see they're selling the Lumicron 618z - I used to have one of those. It does have an optical viewfinder. Not too bad a camera for the price, if you get a good one, but quality seems a bit variable. Morgan used to be OK on returns when I bought computer stuff from them a few years ago.

    Any camera you're likely to find at that price is probably going to be slow, unless you get a really good 2nd hand bargain. Prefocussing can help a lot.

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    The Canon A530 can be found for about $160-$170 USD which is equivalent to or less than £100.

    The main advantage it offers over the Nikon's is the inclusion of manual controls. It also has 4x zoom vs. 3x for the Nikon.

    The other interesting cameras to consider are the entry level Panasonics like the LS2 ($160) or the older LZ series models ($180 or so). Both feature IS which is rather unusual for this price class. The LZ3, if you can nab it, has a 6x zoom which is also quite unusual for a sub $200 camera.

    Just be aware that the given budget is not much and that budgeting even $50 USD more can get you much better bang for your buck. The sweet spot for compact cameras is around the $250-$350 range. The farther you go away from there, the less return you get for the money.

    If you consider the $200-$250 USD range, your options expand many fold. The Canon A540 and A620 pop to mind as strong entries for the price for around $220 USD. The Fuji F20 (little brother of the F30) can be found for just $225 USD. The Panasonic LZ5 (the current LZ model) goes for about $210 USD.
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    Thanks for the information...

    I'm aware that I'm not going to get much for 100 but this is really just for happy snapping until I sit on it or drop it and break it and have to buy a new one.

    I will check out the fuji film link, but have already seen morgans site fairly recently. I don't mind buying from them I've bought quite a few bits and pieces in the past. Might take another look just incase there is anything new.

    I guess wit hthe Nikon L3 I'm looking mostly at the shutter speed and the time between shots (what's that called?) to see how slugish this particular camera is in comparison with others. I have no idea what is good or bad.

    I did like the look of the Canon Powershot A530 I'm checking this out now...

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