An interesting point was raised by one of the Senior Members on another thread about how his "Senior Member" tag was not a reflection on his knowledge on photography....but an indication on how many posts he had made on this forum.

This abnomally was even more pertinent when I realised that I even have "Senior Member" status

As such, when seeking advice from others, do we really know that the responses we get are based on good technical know how, experience, etc......or just an opinion sometimes based on "ignorance", or a lack of knowing any better.

I am not suggesting that people can't be opinionated, afterall, if someone isn't prepared to bat for their own team...then how valid are their arguements if they don't believe in the product they are using ?

However, I would like to know that when someone is offering opinions and recommendations on cameras and lenses, they are qualified to do so. Once again, this does not require "Formal" qualifications....but an obvious understanding of the issues involved.

No doubt, those of you who are photography literate can easily determine the validity of someone else's response. Unfortunately, I cannot.

Would it be possible to have a different "Status" (eg. Knowledgeable) for those members that actually know shit. This would not guarantee that everything they say is right....but at least an indication that their opinions should at least be considered.

Any comment ?????