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    the ELPH cameras by Canon are more or less the ultra compacts. they fit in all pockets and I do not think they have as many manual functions I know the SD700 IS Digital ELPH does not. also the SD700 IS for example costs upwards of $400 I think. personally I would preffer the A series for price and it is not like they are huge. there are newer cameras though. the A630/640 and the A710 IS. the A620 was not at any stores because it is old and discontinued. I searched all over to see one like 3 weeks ago and could not find one either. you can see the A630/640 when they come out I am sure one of them will be at a popular store.

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    I'm very happy to say that my dear husband surprised me this evening with a Canon Powershot A540 and I am THRILLED, to say the least!!
    I LOVE, LOVE it!
    Thanks for all of your help.

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