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    S1 IS on fritz, replacement recommendations?

    My S1 IS is having the CCD problem, and it looks like if I'm going to get it fixed I'd have to pay for it.... So... I think it's time to start looking for another camera (although I may want to get 2...)


    * What budget have you allocated for buying this camera? Please be as specific as possible.

    a total of less than a dSLR body for both cameras (but I may be flexible, and btw it will probably be a while (I'm hoping not more than a few months - targeting no later than early December) before I buy, cause I need to save up some $ first, which is something I don't really have right now)


    * What size camera are you looking for? Or does size not matter at all to you?

    Since I'm willing to go with two cameras, I would like one to be pocketable, but the other one can be a big one (but it had BETTER come with some form of combination/variation of excellent high ISO sensitivity (3200 or faster), high resolution (enough for razor-sharp 250-300dpi 8x10 prints, or 4x cropping for 4x6 prints, and/or an ultralong superfast lens)


    * How many megapixels will suffice for you?

    [B]I'd like at least 6; 8 or 10 or more would be nice. Because of the amount of cropping I like to do, 3 just really isn't cutting it anymore anyway[B] (a 4x6 print is ok at 1600x1200, but pretty bad at 1024x768. Not sure how it is at 1400x1050, and I remember some 1280x960 prints off my dad's camera he used to have a few years ago were somewhat poor) - I sometimes am not very accurate when shooting a subject - centering him in the frame (sometimes I don't want him to know I'm taking a shot, so I'll put him at the edge of the frame.)

    * What optical zoom will you need? (None, Standard = 3x-4x, Ultrazoom = 10x-12x, Other - Specify)

    For the small camera, up to 5x would be fine. I'd like the equivalent of 24-30mm wide angle, up to about 120-160mm telephoto.
    For the larger camera, it doesn't need to go quite as wide as the small one (36mm would be acceptable), but it needs to go in really far. 432mm is the absolute minimum, but 500mm to 800mm or even 1000mm or farther (even if I have to use a teleconverter) would be nice.

    * How important is “image quality” to you? (Rate using a scale of 1-10)

    For both cameras, I would like good high ISO performance - minimum ISO 1600. Also, I would like a fast lens (F/2.0 or faster at focal lengths wider than 50mm would be nice, for example). (btw, yes I want high ISO and a fast lens on the pocketable camera - although I'm flexible. That's part of the reason I didn't put a big requirement on the telephoto end of the zoom lens)

    Do you care for manual controls?

    Of course. I use aperture and shutter and full manual mode all the time, and there are even things I've wanted to be able to do with my S1 IS that I've been unable to do because of not having enough manual controls (although I can't remember specific applications off the top of my head right now)

    General Usage

    * What will you generally use the camera for?

    everything I used the S1 for and then some.
    the small camera (which I'll call camera A henceforth) will be my take-with-me-all-the-time, snapshot-and-crop, lowlight indoor some action, camera
    the large camera (heretofore to be referred to as camera B) will be my camera that I use for special occasions (although I'll probably always take it wherever I go - just keep it in my backpack or in the car in case I need it), or when I need to do something camera A isn't capable of.

    * Will you be making big prints of your photos or not?

    [B]I'm not sure. I'd like the ability to get up to 18x24" sharp prints, but I'm much more likely to be doing very heavy cropping (3-5x or more) to get 4x6 prints.[B]

    Will you be shooting a lot of indoor photos or low light photos?

    yes, both.

    Will you be shooting sports and/or action photos?



    Are there particular brands you like or hate?

    I like Fuji's high ISO sensors, I'm used to Canon's menu system, other than that I'm not sure.

    Are there particular models you already have in mind?

    the Fuji F30 for the small one, but I'd like a faster lens.

    (If applicable) Do you need any of the following special features? (Wide Angle, Image Stabilization, Weatherproof, Hotshoe, Rotating LCD)

    IS, rotating LCD for both of them (this, along with the price, may put the nail in the coffin for a dSLR on the big one.); wide angle for the small one, rugged build for both of them (if I drop it from normal operating/carrying height I dont' want it to take too much damage)


    If I come up with any more info on what I want, I'll either edit this thread or post a reply. BTW, most of the above things are flexible. I'm almost considering it an emergency (but I plan to try to limp along with my ailing S1 as long as I can) to replace the S1, but I want to make sure I get something as good as I can get at a reasonable price.

    Considering some of the above requirements, for the large camera, should I consider a dSLR? (although I will still require a rotating live-view LCD, not-too-expensive (and that includes the fast ultra-telephoto lenses - I don't want to pay thousands of $$$ for equipment - hundreds would be OK though))

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    a few camera model ideas....

    Ok, first, for the do-everything-and-then-some (can be as big as necessary - doesn't need to fit in my pocket):

    a couple models I'm thinking about are the Panasonic FZ50 and Canon S3 IS. Can anyone recommend any other good models? Also, what are your recommendations re: teleconverters with those lenses? For example, the Raynox 2.2x lens or the Crystalvue LX 8x? (yes, of course I know it will vignette at wide angle, but how does it do at tele? and yes I would like to be able to get a 3000+mm equivalent lens.) Also, what about wideangle converters (if my take everywhere pocket cam below doesn't support them), fisheye, macro, etc?

    Second, for the carry-everywhere-in-my-pocket camera:

    dpreview's F30 review shows pretty good high ISO performance. I have yet to see a review on the Casio EX-1000, but I understand it can do ISO 3200 at 10mp. Any suggestions for other cameras I should look at? It'd be nice to have a fast lens (F/2.0 or faster), but the Canon G-series cameras (no longer made) only go to ISO 400.

    In another category (and this would replace the do-everything-and-then-some fixed-lens camera, if I got one of these, and not have to be too much more expensive than the equivalent do-everything fixed lens camera and accessories), what about a dSLR? I seem to remember seeing one that had a live preview LCD, which is a must for me. Also wasn't there one recently with a rotating LCD? Another one that looks interesting is Fuji's S3 Pro UVIR, except it doesn't have a rotating LCD. Also, considering Fuji's F30 (a compact digicam with a much smaller sensor) can go to ISO 3200, why aren't there any dSLRs that can go to ISO 12800 at full resolution?
    Should I start saving my penny here and there?

    Also, when is that triple layer sensor coming out that's supposed to be 3x more sensitive than a standard CCD?

    Also, any possible upcoming product announcements (and, if you may have some guesses, which brands and types of cameras) I should possibly wait for, and when should I look for them? I would like to (if I have the money by then) buy both cameras by mid December.

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    Why do you keep on posting these lame postings with requirements you KNOW can never be met? What is the fun of it?

    Everyone, just ignore this guy... he has been doing this on numerous websites, and on here also for over a year now.

    Get a hobby, silly guy.
    Canon EOS 350D, Tamron SP AF 90mm F/2.8 macro, Sigma 18-50mm F2.8 DC EX, Canon EF 70-200mm f/4 L USM, Tokina AT-X124 Pro 12-24mm F4, Soligor 1.7x C/D4 DG Teleconvertor, Manfrotto 724B tripod, Canon Powershot S30

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    hmm well for the small camera you might want to see the Panasonic Lumix LX-2 it has raw capabilities, wide angle with a wide screen to match, ISO 1600, full manual controls. well you can check it out for yourself. I think panasonic has noise problems though so maybe it is not for you. it comes out in september. then there is the camera replacing the Canon A620. you might lie this since it is HOPED to have IS and 6x zoom and is garunteed to have the rotating LCD of it's predecessors but it might not or rather probably will only go to ISO 800. you will have to wait a few weeks for canon to announce the camera before the specs are truly known. However it is definitely going to come out since the A620 was just recently discontinuied and was a very popular camera I think number 4 in this website?

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    Ok, a few models I'm looking at:::

    for the compact take-everywhere cam...

    Fuji F30
    has 36-108mm f2.8-f5.0 lens, 6mp up to iso3200 (and 1600 looks pretty good to me) and manual controls, nice-looking movie mode specs, but a wider angle (and faster) lens would be nice (for example 28mm f2.0)

    Panasonic LX2
    has 28-112mm (I'm guessing f2.8-f4.9 based on LX1 specs) stabilized lens, 10mp 16:9 format up to iso1600 (I wonder how well it does compared to the Fuji F30?), manual controls, nice-looking movie mode specs

    cons for all the compacts: no F/2.0 (not even at wide-angle) lens, no movable LCD, no standard AA batteries, no compact-flash (but I'm having a hard time finding a camera that uses CF anymore except some dSLRs and a few others, like the Sony R1 and the Samsung Pro 815, for example, so I guess I'll have to get some different memory cards anyway.)

    and, for the larger do-everything cam:

    Panasonic DMC-FZ50
    35-420mm f2.8-f3.7 stabilized lens, 10mp up to ISO 1600, movable LCD, manual controls, nice-looking movie mode specs

    Canon S3 IS
    36-432mm f2.7-f3.5 stabilized lens, 6mp up to ISO 800, movable LCD, manual controls, nice-looking movie mode specs

    semi-honorable mention: Samsung Pro 815 - 8mp, 28-420mm f2.2-f4.6, CompactFlash, 3.5" LCD, but no movable LCD, only ISO 400 (and noisy at that setting)

    How well do these large zoom cameras support conversion lenses? Yes, I may put a wide-angle lens on it, but I'm more interested in telephoto. If I could add at least a 2x or better good-quality (not the cheap ebay type) TC (up to (or past, if available and possible without spending an arm and two legs) the 8x Crystalvue LX), that'd be nice.

    Of course (in each category) I know I should go try one out in a store, but based on your experience, which camera in each category would you recommend?
    Also, is there any possible new camera announcements I maybe should wait for (the next few months)?


    Also, a quick question about camcorders....

    What kind/model/etc is this, how much do they typically run ($ - retail), what is its specs?

    Also, in this situation, what focal length is this camera probably using?
    Here's the field over which the camera is shooting (the sign at the outfield fence toward the left says 396):

    a closer shot of the camera(s) in center field:

    and, finally (taken off a TV nearby in the stands), what the camera is seeing:

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    Goodluck with your choice
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    I haven't even specified a price, but no, I'm not looking at getting the entire setup for a ridiculously low price like $200-300. I'm thinking more like $1000 or so (although a teleconverter I might buy may push it up over that). I AM considering preferably no more than about $350 for the compact camera, up to $600 for the large camera, plus some for 4GB worth of high-speed memory cards and a spare battery for each. I'm also not sure if $1000 will be what I'd need to pay, or if I may need to bump it up a little, but one thing I DO know is that I do not plan to blow my wad on a dSLR and equivalent lens(es) to the ultrazoom camera I'm looking for. (although if I was going dSLR I'd be interested in possibly looking at the Fuji S3 Pro UVIR or the Olympus E-330.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by pianoplayer88key
    I haven't even specified a price, but no, I'm not looking at getting the entire setup for a ridiculously low price like $200-300. I'm thinking more like $1000 or so (although a teleconverter I might buy may push it up over that). I AM considering preferably no more than about $350 for the compact camera, up to $600 for the large camera, plus some for 4GB worth of high-speed memory cards and a spare battery for each. I'm also not sure if $1000 will be what I'd need to pay, or if I may need to bump it up a little, but one thing I DO know is that I do not plan to blow my wad on a dSLR and equivalent lens(es) to the ultrazoom camera I'm looking for. (although if I was going dSLR I'd be interested in possibly looking at the Fuji S3 Pro UVIR or the Olympus E-330.)
    The Fuji S3 has a very nice dynamic range. You could also look (for economy) at the Pentax K100D which has built-in image stabiliastion like the S1 you're replacing. Nikon VR lenses are very expensive so the in-body solution is good.

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    The S3, if I understand correctly, has a body only price of $1800. I'm trying to keep the price down to about 60% of that including lenses, with the minimum capability being the equivalent of 6mp at 432mm, no slower than F/4.0

    Also, does the K100D have live preview and movable LCD (like the Oly E-330) or UV/IR capability (like the Fuji S3 UVIR)? I'm guessing it's not, so, and also for the reason I don't want to drop $1500+ on a body+lenses, I'm not leaning toward a dSLR right now. That may be sometime in the distant future, though, hopefully.

    Also, I'm targeting mid December for the latest that I would want to make a purchase on the two cameras. Any possible sales I should wait for, and what might be the likely timing(s) of any new camera announcements I should look for?

    Also, a question (that I've been wondering about for quite some time now) about off-camera lighting:
    What type of lighting would I need in my house (or outside, assuming I have less than 1 acre and it's nighttime) such that average camera exposure would be 1/1000", F/5.6, ISO 100, no flash, give or take a few stops? Also, is it possible to have lighting that good without having people nearly go blind when they look directly at the light source?
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    For the compact the Fuji F30 would be the best option. It is really the only compact which does decent high ISO.

    For the larger camera, the unreleased Fuju S6000fd looks suitable. It has the F30 sensor so probably the same HIGH ISO preformance, a lens which goes from 28mm - 300mm,.

    The other large camera worth considering would be the Sony DSC-R1. Slightly less focal length (24mm - 120mm), but low noise at higher ISO. But it is quit expensive.

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