Under $350

Compact to ultracompact

Don't know crap about megapixels, but figure it's like horsepower, the more the better?

Standard zoom? Guess that's good.

Image quality is TOPS for me...just want the best image I can get for the dough.

Don't ever use manual controls..point and shoot mom.

Taking a trip to the UK, packing needs to be light...am a scrapbooking mom, just want good pictures of the kids at sites across England. Won't be enlarging anything...shooting mostly outdoors..but it does rain a lot in England. No action photos...unless someone mugs me then I'll need a good action focus.

Would like a good battery, as I hate putting 6-8 batteries in the Nikon Coolpix a friend loaned me...great camera but whew hope they've improved upon that!

Have always bought Canon....friend loaned me a Nikon...don't have any that I absolutely must have!

Weatherproof is not necessary..although I expect rain I won't take pictures in it..but the skies will be gray/grey (never know) there so need a camera that will work.

Whew!!! You guys are great if you can fulfill my fairy list!