I am really stuck trying to decide between the canon 4mp 3x zoom, or the new Pentax 5mp, 5xzoom. I am very tempted by the Pentax as it also has some manual control, and am worried about the canons reports of blurry edges and purple fringing, but I think I am heading towards the Canon because of the amazing size. Do you think I am better off getting a 5mp, for cropping?
I wish the SD300 was available as 5mp, I can't believe making a decision is so hard!
Can anybody help me decide? I really am only looking for a camera to take photos of my baby and family. Speed is definately important to me as I am sick of missing the moment! Although it would be nice to have some manual control to play with.

If I go for the Canon then I wan't to buy it tomorrow when I can get it on sale, so please let me know if you have any thoughts. Or if you own the pentax optio SV.

Many thanks