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    The woman birthed me, I gotta get a nice camera for her.

    Mom, mid 60s, is headed to Africa for a two year stint in the Peace Corps. My brother, the kiss-up, bought her a Powerbook. I need to get her a camera. It must be small and light, easy to use and as plug and play as possible in downloads and overall function. It has to be universal enough that she can service or get help in Africa. Money isn't as much of an object as usability, portability and probably a big viewfinder cause she's old.

    Your suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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    Lightbulb Three recommended cameras

    I'm not sure if you can get service for these cameras in Africa, but otherwise, these are some good cameras with large LCDs (2" or greater):

    -Kodak Easyshare DX7630 (great pics, performance, and price)
    -Canon Powershot SD300 (looks great and very fast, but images have problems)
    -Kodak Easyshare DX7590 (images are average, but good in all other respects)

    Please note that these cameras are not plug-and-play; I've yet to see a camera with that capability. The DX7630 and SD300 are small and light; the DX7590 is the size of a traditional film camera (in other words, larger than the other choices).
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    Quote Originally Posted by smarter_child
    -Canon Powershot SD300 (looks great and very fast, but images have problems)

    I'm getting defensive on my SD300 that takes great pics, compared to other digital cameras and other Canons. I love it for many reasons and print 8x10's frequently.

    Where are you getting your info from smarter_child? Personal testing or a review from someone who sells everything but Canon??

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    Canon SD300

    Mine takes great pictures too - I don't know why people usually associate it with blurry image or something - but really, mine didn't have those problems.


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