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    How to take a canon S2 IS apart (detail images)

    Im just going to use thumbnails and then you can click what you need to see.

    Set 1

    1. Tools i used, phillips jewlers screwdriver, jewlers flat head, blow gun dart, tweezers and the tv remote.
    2. First remove the batteries and the memory card. Get somthing to put the screws in, i used an SD case because there is 2 sections. 1 for the case screws, 1 for the inside screws.
    3. remove the rubber eyepiece and all visable screws you can see.
    4. the only hidden screw is under the USB plug.

    5. You only need to remove the front screws under the flash.
    6. remove the side of the case.
    7. Remove the ribbon cable for the macro and MF buttons, i used the blow gun for this part.
    8. use your needle nose pliers and remove the plug for the audio microphones.

    9. remove the front case section.
    10. Now you should have a nice little pile of case screws. I marked the C to mark the case screws.
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