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Thread: 52mm or 58mm?

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    Aug 2006
    There is one advantage a 52mm has over a 58mm adapter.

    That would be flash clearance. Both adapters will cause interference when using the flash but the 52mm will give you a but more clearance. However on the low side I'm not sure this is really justifiable since I only use the flash indoors anyways, and macro shooting results are hard to manage with the built in flash so... its a tossup.

    We own both 52 and 58mm tubes and the 58 seems better poised at mounting our sacrificial UV filters which is a great thing to have in the end.

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    Jan 2006
    alrighty 58mm it is.. here it comes =D
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    I say use both also. For everyday beating around the UV and a 52mm is the best. Anything on the go or outdoor the 58mm

    I wouldnt cover the flash, even outside with good lighting you can use the flash for flash fills. Flash fill can really add some nice color to a shot
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