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    Oct 2005

    Why is my Canon SD500 emitting smoke from the flash?

    Hi guys. I just moved to the desert. While house shopping, I noticed a burning scent. Later, I noticed that it was coming from the flash of my Canon SD500 compact point & shoot. Has anyone else ever had this problem? Is it going to fail on me soon?


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    instead of asking us, why not just contact Canon? Don't you think a smoking camera already is a camera failing? I do not think you have to wait for it to fail .
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    because it is no longer under warranty and I don't feel like paying for support.

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    Either pay for the support or pay for a new camera. I think those are your only choices with a smoking camera no longer under warranty!

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    Just stop using flash if you don't want to pay for a repair. You'll be even more limited with its use but it's better than nothing, right?

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    nedwardss Guest

    I have the same problem

    Hey @dam,
    I have the very same problem.
    I got the camera only about two months ago so I'm taking to the vendor asap.
    I'll let you know what happens.
    Have you had any resolution to this?

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    The flash on a camera is a very powerful device and along with all that light it emmits a certain amount of heat. It's possible if the surface on your flash is crudy that it's just oils or something else unsavory burning off. Try getting some plain old rubbing alcohol on a papertowel or something and cleaning the surface of the flash off real well and see if that doesn't at least help. Does it smoke even on the first use or do you have to rack off a few shots before it starts smoking?
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    Canon SD500 - smoke from flash

    The same just happened to me and with the same model of camera - the 7.1 megapixels SD500. I bought it (used, but apparently in mint condition) yesterday. Soon after, I was trying it out at home, out of doors.

    After a few pictures, I turned the zoom up to full to photograph a dark corner of the yard. I was holding the camera a foot or 18 inches in front of my face. When I pressed the shutter, the flash went off - which was not unexpected, seeing that the subject was a dark corner - but the flash was exceptionally bright, especially so because I noticed it even though I was standing in full daylight. Also the flash made a louder noise than I'd have expected - a bit like the noise of an electrical arc. Simultaneously I saw smoke rising from the camera.

    I took another shot to see if it would happen again. It did. This time I saw that the smoke was coming from round or near the flash window. So I stopped using it (though I did download the pictures to my computer & they all seemed O.K.) & took the camera back to the store the following day i.e. today.

    They tried using the flash several times, but didn't get a repeat of the smoke or of the extra-brilliant flash. However, they are a very reliable shop and they refunded my money.

    I wonder - is there a defect in the design of this particular model?

    O & G
    Last edited by OandG; 10-24-2006 at 07:31 PM. Reason: checked back & found that it was indeed an SD500. Also there was a spelling mistake.

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    mresman Guest

    SD550 problem ?

    My SD550 smokes as well. I just sent it to Canon, who gave it to engineers to evaluate, not onlythe service department, andthey could not reproduce the problem.

    They suggested that dust collected inside of the flash unit and ignited when a heavy flash was used. Makes sense.

    They told me not to put my SD550 pocket camera in my pocket - too much dust!

    Fortunately it is under warranty, unfortunately I cannot return it for a refund.

    I have never had a smoking flash before. I expect Canon did not seal the flash compartment well enough.

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    Did Canon re-seal the flash compartment or do anything else to make sure the camera wouldn't smoke again?

    If they didn't, and the best they did was tell you to keep it free from dust, it sounds like a pretty poor way to honor their warranty.

    O & G

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