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    Canon EOS 30D package or wait for Pana L1 ?

    Ok, I've been dying all year to take my first jump into the DSLR world. But I find myself with a few problems/questions...

    I currently own a pana DMZ-FZ20 and I absolutely love it. Of course when I heard about the L1 I got incredibly excited that it would be the perfect camera for me to start out with. So my problem is that I have the money now, and the EOS 30D looks very appealing to me. I'm sure you've all seen the packages you can buy on eBay:

    Click Here

    and Click Here

    This seems like an INCREDIBLE deal. All those lens and accessories for that price! My question to you all has to do with the quality of those lenses listed. Cheap? Decent? Great? I'd be doing a lot of concert photography and I think a lens I can use at F1.8 might be a better investment... not sure if one of these would cut it. Thoughts?

    So I guess I'm just torn between waiting for the reviews/sample images of the L1 or just going for the EOS 30D package now. I don't currently own any lenses so this would be an easy way to start a collection. Then again, if quality of the L1 is going to far surpass the 30D, then I'd rather wait and pick that up with that cool IS lens. I guess the main "selling point" for me would be image quatlity at high ISOs...

    Thanks ahead of time for your suggestions.

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    Don't buy ANYTHING in a package from new york.

    It's a scam.


    J&K camera is a scam, otherwise known as best price cameras which is a known scam.

    Do not buy anything in a package from ebay. Selling in a package is NOT a better deal from any merchant, at all, so if it's a good deal IT IS A SCAM.

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    Lightbulb Since you've waited this long...

    might I suggest you wait until after "Fotokina", in Cologne, Germany... for the new releases of equipment and ideas.

    Fotokina only happens every OTHER year and this year promises to be something else. It takes place in September... so if you're patient... it may pay off in ways you wouldn't expect.

    Also... before you go jumping into the wide-world of DSLR... you might want to review this thread... for some serious insight into what you are getting into and some of the costs. There is a tremendous gulf between P&S and DSLR. They try to hide it, as a matter of course... the old "bait and switch(upgrade)" routine... but, it is there, none-the-less.


    This link tends to head that off, as knowledge is power and forewarned is forearmed. Believe me, the truth hurts and there are many on this forum who know, firsthand, just how much!

    I echo the sentiment to stay away from Brooklyn NY Photohouses... these are scammers and the originators of "bait and switch"... they will lure you in with an upfront decent looking deal and then con you into buy all sorts of inflated in-house warranties (not manufacturer), parts and accessories. In the end, you will be most unhappy and demoralized... because your "good deal" went right down the drain... In fact, you will probably wind up replacing nearly everything but the camera body in six months, if you go this way.

    BTW: Use CF Flash memory (Extreme II or III or Ultra) ... not a microdrive. The solid state memory uses less power, is more reliable and is usually faster than heck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DonSchap
    Fotokina only happens every OTHER year and this year promises to be something else. It takes place in September...

    Lot of wonderful images to be taken between now and september. . . .

    Be warned most everything announced at Fotinka will probably take 3-6 months to hit the market as well so technically speaking a lot of wonderful images can be taken between now and say february of '07

    Quote Originally Posted by DonSchap
    BTW: Use CF Flash memory (Extreme II or III or Ultra) ... not a microdrive. The solid state memory uses less power, is more reliable and is usually faster than heck.

    Microdrives have moving parts; moving parts = pending failure; its inevitable.
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    Well, besides the obvious scam links you gave, which you really should avoid, the 30D will actually far surpass the L1 in image quality and handling.
    So... unless you are a diehard Panasonic fan or like the not so great ergonomics or the retro view finder styling of the L1, it always id a better choice to go with the 30D, unless you of course want that live preview.

    And then, with the EF 17-55 f2.8 IS USM which is a comparable lens to the L1 kitlens, you will have a very good package, but it will be a bit over the L1's price. And of course you can use a f2.8 lens with IS at concerts, but yes, a faster prime will serve you well too. And Canon just happens to have a TOP range of primes, like the great and affordable 85mm f1.8.
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