I was just looking round at potential dslr combinations that would be a suitable replacement for my FZ20 & give me a bit better low light/low noise performance and I found a couple of what seem like good offers for here in the UK. Both on jessops.com in the sale they have a Pentax istDL2 with 18-55 lense for 349.99 & offer a sigma 55-200 lense for 109.99 or a Nikon D50 with 18-55 & 55-200 lenses for 549.99. I know these are not quite up to the cheap dollar prices you get in the US but they seem quite good bargains to me here in the UK. Feel free to comment on the suitability of these for an FZ20 replacement, in particular the Pentax one is not much more than I paid for my FZ only 18 months ago!