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    kezziek Guest

    Smile using a used SD memory card in another camera

    I have been given a memory card from a friend to use in my camera, but before i use the camera i need to download her images before deleting them.

    I'm worried that as soon as i put her memory card in my camera the images will automatically delete? I think I read this somewhere...although i can't find any infomation in my camera manual.

    So my question is, even though the photos have been taken on a completely different camera, will they still show up on my camera so i can download them to my computer? Really do not want to delete her photos.

    Thanks for your help

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    I have never had any problem moving cards from camera to camera. Of course, you don't tell us what cameras are involved. Why not just use a card reader to transfer the files?

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    I generally swop my cards around. Sometimes they have images on from a variety of cameras: XT, 995, 3100, S1 etc.

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